My name is Bismo Falcor, and I’m the founder of the campus’s new satirical newspaper, The Hoosier Flipside.

It’s called Flipside for one reason and one reason only: it’s a two sided sheet of paper which, if handled properly, is capable of being flipped back and forth.

The reason it exists is simple: the real news is terrible. So, we decided to make up our own! Using comedy to point out the absurdities of modern life is our way of telling society to step up their game.

That seems absolutely necessary today. Between ISIS, Ebola, and the impending creation of a massive hole in the middle of our campus (see article), our world seems to be erupting into chaos.

This is on top of all the everyday stresses of college life, like IU Secure, the steps of Ballantine and finite math.

It is my belief that in trying times like these, it is absolutely necessary to maintain a sense of humor. In the end, we have two choices: we can either learn to cope with all the crap flying around us, or inevitably eat someone’s face while high on bath salts.

So enjoy our bimonthly works of satire, because some days, we all just need something to laugh at.