By: Heather Martz

Clad in denim shorts and white New Balance sneakers, thousands of dads gathered at Home Depots all across the country this past weekend for the annual Dad Day Phenomenon. Since 2006, Dads across the nation have traveled tens of miles to their local Home Depot on March 21st to gather deck building materials in celebration of the first day of spring. Before purchasing their lumber, however, the dads look to the sky to determine whether or not it is, indeed, a good day to build a new deck. If it happens to be overcast, they return home and wait approximately six more weeks before beginning their projects.

“We would just put it off for a few days, but we might as well wait six weeks for good measure. Plus, the lumber might go on sale between then and now,” stated one dad.

“We’re real excited about Dad Day this year,” said one wife, “David has been talking up this grand new deck he’s been planning to build all year.” Many homeowners and spring-lovers alike waited with bated breath to see whether or not the dads would take the plunge in their new projects.

However, some were not as hopeful. Jenny Baker, a local teen has her doubts about Dad Day. “I mean, I checked the weather on my phone. It’s supposed to rain. I don’t understand why my dad even left. Like, it’s cloudy right now.”

Unfortunately, none of the dads seemed to be gung-ho about deck building this weekend. They returned home in their Toyota Corollas with plenty of beef jerky and Bud Light as we will be expecting another 6 to 7 inches of snow this upcoming week. Stay warm, folks. Only six more weeks until you can bask in the sun from your brand new decks.