By: Staff

We at Flipside would like to wish all of our readers a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Along with our wishes, please enjoy the Flipside Kama Sutra, a list composed of the 10 acts any romantic IU student should know.

  1. The Collins
    – Look away in disgust every time a penis makes an appearance
  2. The Mexican Wall
    – Hire a Mexican prostitute
    – Make her pay for it
  3. The Christian Gay
    – Shove a cross up your ass
  4. The Rick and Morty Season 3
    – Bring yourself to the brink of climax but never actually arrive
  5. The Mike Pence
    – Fuck an entire state
    – Be lauded for it
  6. The Ballantine Stairs
    – Wear your backpack that is filled with 20 pounds of text books
    – Gasp uncontrollably while making love
    – Show up to class dripping in sweat and fail your quiz
  7. The Office Hours
    – Put yourself in an uncomfortable position
    – Beg
  8. The C-
    – Take your significant other on a date
    – Make it clear you are only there for the attendance points
    – Go to bed without getting laid
  9. The McNutt
    – Ask for your date’s name in the middle of coitus
  10. The All Star
    – Play “All Star” by Smash Mouth
    – Smash mouths