Tired of drinking alone in your apartment on a Wednesday afternoon? Escaping from your roommates fucking like a pair of baboons in heat? Raise the bar for your drinking experience!

The Scuba Dive Bar
After a few drinks she looks like a mermaid.

McNutt Bar
Re-live freshman year for triple the price.

Your Neighbor’s Basement Every Other Wednesday When His Landlord Isn’t There
You kinda know Dave.

The Bar-Bell
You’ll pay for a year, but then throw up after the second time and decide not to go back.

The Salad Bar
Don’t try the Thousand Long Island.

You kinda have to drink the Kool-Aid with this one.

Featuring frosted tips and cheesy dips.

The Bar Exam Bar
You’ve only got a 60% chance of getting a drink, but you’re definitely going to be an alcoholic anyway.

The Caboose
The gay bar you go to when you’re visiting from West Lafayette.

“The Saloon” But it’s a Salon and You Misread The Sign
It’s got the hottest girls in town.

The Car Bar
“Just put the DUI on my tab.”

Literally Just Walking Down Kirkwood With a Flask
Fulfilling the IU promise.