By: Ariel Gold

The Ghost of Antonin Scalia
-Sure he doesn’t have a corporeal form or basic human decency, but he does have experience.

An Average Poli-Sci Student
-POLS-Y 100 is all you really need in order to define the basis of our legal system

Clone of Ruth Bader Ginsberg
-We don’t think the Supreme Court could handle double the RBG, but if they both speak at the same time, their dissent might actually be loud enough to hear.

My dog Ralph
-He’s a good boy.

Buzzfeed Article Writer
-They‘re conversational in millennial memes and know how to count to at least 7 What more can you ask for in a government official?

The Maintenance Man at Your Apartment Complex
-His policy is “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But also “If it is broke, still don’t fix it.” He’ll fit right in within our judicial system.

Monica Lewinsky
-She’s been in closer contact with actual governmental proceedings than many former judges.

Kanye West
-There is definitely something to be said for passion.