Written by: Staff

Do you LOVE chocolate???

Yes? +1 No? -1

Do you sing in the shower a little too loud?

Yes? +1 No? -1

Are you ok with eating out of the trash like a dirty little raccoon?

Yes? +1 No? -1

Are you BOOK smart or STREET smart?

Book? +1 Street? -1 

When you stumble into your apartment trashed at 2am, is your pantry full, are you ordering DoorDash, or are you checking for tasty treats at the TOP of the trash?

Pantry? +1 Doordash? +2 Trash? -1

Beach, Townhouse, or dumpster?

Beach? +1 Townhouse -1, Dumpster +2

Which series finale turned on the water works?

Friends? +1 The Office? +2, Ken Burns: Vietnam? -5

Congratulations! You got stale subway cookie from the trash! Don’t worry, we calculated it for you. You like things on the wild side and don’t take orders well (even when the subway manager is telling you to get off the property). You’ll tell people that you regretted this but inside you know you wanted the cookie the moment you saw it.