By: Barry Vile

BLOOMINGTON, IN– Flipside has been receiving reports of a noticeable increase in the number of Russian international students enrolling Indiana University’s School of Informatics and Computing. Freshman Igor Kozlovzky told Flipside his reasoning for choosing the major was an inflated demand for tech savvy graduates in his home country.

“President Putin has made very clear the need for computer literacy in today’s working world,” Kozlovzky read off of a prepared notecard. “He has ensured us that our futures will be much brighter if we are able to understand the inner workings of a computer database, and how the United States Government integrates this with its election processes. Go Hoosiers.”

Dean of SOIC Raj Acharya has voiced the university’s delight at the growth in diversity among its undergraduates. “Our cybersecurity courses have proven to be extremely popular, with an over 50 percent increase in enrollment from most Eastern European nations. There is a surprisingly large number of them minoring in political science as well, but I think it’s good they are taking an interest in the world’s political climate that they are ruining.”

When asked about possible connections to the alleged Russian hacking involved in the recent election, Kozlovzky released the following statement. “It was very bizarre watching all of my Democratic friends’ reactions to the stories about hackers. Up until the primaries were over, I was of the impression they did not mind blatantly rigging elections?”