It’s that time of year again. Falling leaves, chilly evenings, and a Tinder hookup who you need an excuse to hangout with for an hour before you go bang the night away. Don’t worry if you are lost for ideas however, as we have compiled 14 of the cutest things to do in Bloomington with your significant other that will let you place your penis in some fun new places, in some fun new places.


1. Ride your guy on a hay ride

2. Pretend to enjoy being scared in a Haunted house

3. Go to a corn maze, hate it as much as you do every year, leave and vow never to go again

4. Buy pumpkin spice lattes and feed the basic bitches in the park

5. Go to CAPS together

6. Double date with Mr. and Mrs. McRobbie

7. Burn down Dunn Woods. Only you can start wildfires

8. Go fluffy sweater shopping together

9. Smother your enemies with fluffy sweaters

10. Do a line of pumpkin spice-flavored cocaine

11. Go to your local Walmart and buy the most phallic-shape gourd you can find.

12. Knit yourselves a nice warm autumn thong

13. Have a threesome with a scarecrow