By: Sutton Lee Seymour

ROCKVILLE, MD – Last Saturday, Nintendo released Skyrim for its new Switch console, finally proving that companies can re-package any successful product as many times as they want and people will still buy it. Bethesda, the company responsible for Skyrim, stated its commitment to porting the same game to as many possible as possible within the next decade.

“We are proud to present the next generation of gaming. This is the definitive Skyrim experience, until the next one of course,” said the game’s creator Todd Howard. “We are proud to offer new features, such as marginally better graphics, 30% shinier swords, and an alternate ending where your mods don’t crash your system and you actually get to finish the main game.”

Howard also went on to discuss his excitement at the new potential being offered by Bethesda’s Creation Club. “I can’t wait to see the mods. There’s nothing more incredible in my eyes than a community that rallies together to create awesome content for us to sell at absolutely no cost! I love our fans.”

Bethesda announced earlier this week that they plan on porting Skyrim to the Game Boy Advance sometime next year.