By: Aesthetic Danger

Still not sure where to spend the next week? Check out Flipside’s list of great alternative spring break destinations!

12 underrated destinations for Spring Break:
1. North Korea
A fraction of the freedom of South Korea, but at a fraction of the price!
2. Chad
Crack open a cold one with Chad in Chad
3. Disneyland
You are only $157 and a 5 hour line away from getting drunk with Mickey Mouse on Space Mountain!
4. Azerbaijan
The United Nations Security Council rated its capital, Baku the 7th best party city 3 years in a row! Just be sure to watch out for landmines when going down the slip n slide.
5. Martinsville, IN
Take a trip back to the 1940s, a simpler time!
6. The basement of the house of your single aunt Barbara
Have a great time playing drinking games with all 24 of her cats
7. Panama City
Because Getting Mugged at Panama City Beach is too mainstream.
8. Antarctica
Get Smirnoff Iced by emperor penguins before it’s too late
9. Your dorm room in Wright Quad
Finally you can have a peaceful night to yourself, where you don’t have to worry about your roommate hooking up with his girlfriend on the bunk above you!
10. Mar-A-Lago Resort
If you’re lucky, you might be able to catch President Trump in his natural habitat!
11. Heaven
Have a little too much peach takka and you might make it there!