By Ariel Gold and Bismo Falcor

  1. At CVS
    It’s always so weird to see your professors outside of class, but they’re people too. They need their poptarts and toilet paper like everyone else.
  2. Barnes and Noble
    I guess it’s kind of odd that I just saw him at CVS a couple of days ago, and here he is at Barnes and Noble. I mean, it’s not a big deal, something tells me he’s an avid reader. Nice, he’s in the mystery section!
  3. Bathroom of Ballentine
    Well, he is using the urinal right next to me, when there are 3 other open ones…Gosh, is he really asking me if I did the readings last night? Eh, he probably doesn’t get many opportunities to get to know his students.
  4. In My Finite Class That He Doesn’t Teach
    It’s not often you find a history professor interested in math like that. That’s actually cool, I can always respect a well-rounded academic!
  5. IMU Late Night
    I wasn’t quite expecting to hear my prof belt out the entirety of Stairway to Heaven tonight, but okay. I didn’t know he was a Zepplin fan too!
  6. At My Tinder date
    What a coincidence! He’s at Lennie’s tonight too, at the exact same time as my date. It’s nice to know that if my date doesn’t turn out well I can chat with my professor for a bit, as he does look kind of sad sitting alone over there.
  7. My Dad’s Child Custody Hearing
    Yeah, I have to admit, I wasn’t really expecting to see him at my dad’s child custody hearing three states away, but maybe he also just happens to live in a nearby area and takes a particular interest in local civil disputes?
  8. Pressed Against the Glass of the Backdoor of my Apartment at 3 a.m.
    Yep, I’m calling the cops.