By: B. Snee

“Hero is an awfully strong word” says Wit Sheperd, a local man who bravely marched forward after a local woman, Patty Smith, brutally ripped apart the very premise of his unfounded argument.

Wit elaborated “I think what Patty didn’t realize is that I had more to say”

We got ahold of Patty for comment, “Yeah, he was just spewing nonsense so I interrupted him to tell him why he was wrong, and then his eyes got wide and he just kept talking like I never said anything”

Patty described how the conversation continued to spiral, “After that he tried to change his argument as if i wouldn’t notice, and when I called him out on it he just repeated what I initially said but in a longer more convoluted way.”

“In the end I would say it was a really productive conversation,” Wit continued, “I consider myself a man of logic and reason, and I think I lived up to that.”

An observer and friend of Wit’s spoke to his bravery: “It takes a big man to speak up on important issues, and an even bigger man to do so in the face of not only a complete lack of information, but also someone right in front of your face, trying to tear you down with something as vile as a credible counterpoint.”

Wit claims “It’s all about saying what you intended to say, even if, especially if, it will get called names like ‘nonsensical,’ ‘problematic,’ or ‘unmitigated garbage.’
You don’t have to be right to contribute to a discussion”

“Yes you do,” chimed in Patty.

“I mean they’re my thoughts so therefore they must be valuable and, uh, well, I was right anyway so…”

It was at this point where it had to cut off the interview by virtue of the fact that the bus stops running after 3 o’clock AM, but I for one am inspired by Wit and his courage. Heroes do exist.