Written by: The HoosierFlipside Staff

  1. Loose Chick-Fil-A sauces at the bottom of your backpack

People always give you shit because you have nothing but trash in your bag, but look at them now. They’re begging for the high-end dining that has been at the bottom of your bag marinating for the last few semesters.

9. Roasted campus squirrel 

Is it right? Well, according to campus security… no. However, they’re so quick that if you’re able to catch one you definitely deserve it. Plus the crunch makes it all worth it.

8. Eat Z&C in broad daylight

To be honest I didn’t think the building even existed during the day, but it is still there. Is the food good sober? Like I said, it is still there.

7. Your prof has their office hours at Chili’s  

Yeah it’s a little strange, but he has said since the first day of class that he’ll split some half priced apps with anyone who comes. And yes, it still counts as being on campus since these are office hours.

6. Pretend to rush greek life for the bid meals

Do I look the type to rush? No. Are they aware of that? Yes, it’s clear as day. But I have 10 minutes before they see me and kick me out.

5. Dress up as a squirrel and try to get food from students

Students are definitely willing to spare a bit of their granola bar for a cute squirrel. Just be careful of people in the arboretum with squirrel catching nets.

4. Road side beer 

In reality, it has probably been there since the last tailgate. But getting it down is all about having the right mindset. I personally like to picture that someone left it behind just a few minutes ago and that there isn’t a loogie floating at the top.

3. Break into Collins food court and see what food they have left

There probably won’t be much, but desperate times call for desperate measures. And at least this way you don’t have to pay the upcharge robbery that is not having I-BUCKS.

2. Lab mice

You’d be surprised how many labs leave their doors unlocked. The Elites don’t want you to know that the lab mice in the Chemistry building are free. You can take them home and eat them. Bonus tip you can usually get your mouse with a side of cheese if you can finish a really complex maze.

  1. Hospital food after getting food poisoning from your last IU dining experience 

If you can actually find food on campus at first you’ll be ecstatic, until you actually taste it and immediately feel bad that you worked this hard for something so subpar. No need to worry though, odds are you just got food poisoning so you might as well call an ambulance to get rushed to the hospital where after pumping your stomach they’ll feed you some of the blandest soup and crackers you’ve ever had.