Written by the HoosierFlipside staff

  1. Find out what MoneySmarts U is on canvas
  2. Grandma couldn’t have timed her funeral better
  3. Visit your mom’s cousin who you’ve never met but she keeps telling you lives in Bloomington
  4. Go to Terre Haute Indiana, then immediately leave
  5. Wake up early to exercise. Then sleep through the rest of the day because you woke up early to exercise 
  6. Visit Nashville. If your parents pay for your rent: Tennessee. If they don’t: Indiana.
  7. Did you know there’s a Brazil Indiana? Anyways, you should see if you have time to travel outside the state
  8. On the one day you don’t have readings due see if you can find a good book
  9. Call and catch up with mom (note: this is an all day thing)
  10. Time to do your first load of laundry for the semester