Dear Friends, Colleagues, Lovers, Members of the local Marginalized Community,

Over the weekend, I made a series of mistakes by choosing to dress as _________(Your costume) for our __________(the event you wore said costume to). When I was deciding on a costume, I failed to recognize the harm that appropriating ______________(the culture or tradition you appropriated) in the form of my _______________(the most offending accessory, e.g your ), in the future I will learn from my mistakes and never dress up as someone of is _____ (the race, religion, or culture you’ve appropriated). And in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have said _____ (your offensive and most likely stereotyped statement). In the future I’d like to learn from my mistakes with zero consequences as next year I will be dressing up as a ______ ( race, religion, or culture you haven’t appropriated YET). I would like to ask that my future ________ (employers, spouses, probation officer, etc.) not define me by this one mistake, as it does not represent my character as a whole. I am a good person, I regularly _____________ (redeemable qualities like knitting, cleaning up roadkill, playing Spanish guitar, etc.), but I failed to live up to both my expectations as well as yours. I promise I will do better next year. In the meantime, I cannot wait for our _____________! (Cinco De Mayo party, Kwanzaa celebration, let’s be honest, you’re going to step in it again)