By: Constance T. Nopel

“I was born in the wrong century!”

– Woman with ample curves, pasty skin and a hatred of manual labor. Dreams of taking the 16th century by storm.

– Mother who refuses to vaccinate her child, because even Bubonic plague victims were safe from autism.

-Thirty-year-old bearded white man fantasizing of a time where his racism could be freely expressed without harsh modern judgment.

-Man and woman who wish fig leaves were still an acceptable form of attire and that apples could be eaten without the pain of childbirth.

-Doctor who yearns to one day ethically drive an ice pick through a patient’s eye socket.

“I was born in the wrong century! No, seriously. I shouldn’t be here. My time machine malfunctioned. The ENTIRE FUTURE is at stake! I NEED TO GO BACK!!!” -Confused Homeless Man