By: Jack Peebis

Given how contentious modern politics can be, with both sides deeply entrenched ideologically, it’s interesting the consider the perspective of those in the middle.
Steven DuSaille, area centrist and lifelong political critic, is here to help. Steve is fed up with the way our political system has changed in the last few years. “I used to just do what everyone else did and not care about politics, avoiding any possible conversation. But I can’t do that anymore, because it’s just Trump this and Trump that. Can’t we just go back to the good old days where we didn’t have to care about what was going on?”
On the news, Steve also had a lot to say. “When did news stations become so partisan? We have Fox News praising

every word Trump says, and then we have every other news organization on television saying he’s our worst president ever. How am I supposed to filter out the truth from this one-sided garbage? Where’s the news station saying Trump is kind of good but also has some problems? Yeah, building a wall looks pretty bad for us, but t it’s good for the construction industry. Where’s the silver lining in our media?”
This kind of silver-lining thinking is very prominent in Steve’s politics. His optimism facing dark times for our country could be seen as inspiring and hopeful by some, or as naïve and short-sighted by many, many, many others.
Steve provides deep insight into the political process, with views such as “Gun control just means only people who already have guns will have guns” and “Abortion probably makes the job market less competitive,” It’s clear that Steve has been putting a lot of nuance into his political thought.

All things considered, Steve joins thousands of other Americans who tread the line somewhere between right-wing government advocates and a floundering opposition party that still sees merit conservative ideas, and refuses to change things. “I mean, the system works. Sure, maybe not for everyone; in the news today, you see that millions are living in fear, sometimes paycheck-to-paycheck, facing discrimination, hate, and overbearing debt. But sometimes, you see a story of someone climbing out of that debt, making thousands of dollars through GoFundMe to pay for their medical expenses, and that warms my heart.”

“That’s the American dream. Struggling against crushing debt/racism/sexism, and having luck help you to succeed. If one individual can get lucky enough to have their student debt paid off by the time their 30, then that’s proof that the system works.”