By: Jake Spear

It can be a bit overwhelming to have professors constantly demanding papers from you. That’s why Flipside is here to help teach you how to integrate obvious advertising seamlessly into your next assignment. It might not be clear to your professor that you understand the effects of Petrarch on the development of the Renaissance, but your professor will be certain that you know how Wheeli can provide great transportation options across the Midwest.

First and foremost, it’s important to have a strong thesis that sets the rest of your paper in motion, just as Wheeli sets your travel plans in motion, allowing students without a car to travel to cities such as Chicago, Louisville, and Indianapolis.

After you’ve made your claim—for example, “Wheeli is the single best carpooling app available”—you’ll want to back it up with evidence. We recommend something like, “For students driving to concerts, or visiting home, offering space in your car is an excellent way to make some money on the side.”

But in all good essays, it’s also critically important to address other points of view. Like the perspective of Wheeli riders who save money on gas, and don’t need to keep a car on campus. Or your parents, who desperately want to see you and would probably be willing to cover the cost of your ride home for holidays, like Thanksgiving.

After that, it’s smooth sailing; you just highlight the important themes of post-medieval literature, mention carpooling in every other sentence, and you’ll be done in no time.

Before sacrificing the integrity of your writing, it’s important to consider whether you actually want to include native advertising. There are all sorts of reasons you’d want to do this, such as hypothetically wanting to raise money to keep producing your satirical newspaper.
If you do decide to promote a carpooling app in your next paper, make sure you include a link to the app so that readers can download it, and provide you with that funding you desperately need.

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