By K.C. Jones

women's health 2

In recent weeks, a new study investigating the link between women’s social media interactions and breast cancer development is being criticized by many for its lack of male inclusion.

Andrew Dean Rockwell, a Fox News contributor, commented on the study: “Look, I get it. It’s 2019, and the ladies want a health study, and that’s totally fine. There just really needs to be someone asking, what about the men? I mean, what this study says to me is that women want to live better, longer, fuller lives than men. And this is really what feminism has come to at this point, it’s not about equality, no.”

Those who were critical of Rockwell’s points cited cases of breast cancer victims feeling uninformed or not taken seriously, leading to preventable deaths. Rockwell has since replied, “What I’m hearing is that we can’t all die in peace as equals; the women want to SURVIVE breast cancer and leave us men tumor-ridden and emasculated. I know it’s not the ‘politically correct’ thing to say, but it’s true.”

Several comments left on Fox’s website agreed. One viewer, going by the username ‘thotsofdave69’, writes, “Not shocked PC medicine is catering to feminazis now. The study just feels inauthentic and forced to me. We’ve already had studies on cancer in men, can’t they leave our diseases alone??” Added another anonymous user, “Nice Tits”.