By Cleetus Haversham and K.C. Jones

COLUMBINE, COLORADO- On this year’s tragic anniversary of a horrific act, it’s important to keep in mind that two decades isn’t nearly enough time for us to know whether action should be taken to quell the epidemic of gun violence. The engravings on the tombstones aren’t even faded, the ink of the newsprint describing the tragedy that occurred barely twenty years dry.

Attempting to politicize this issue so soon is fundamentally un-American. I mean, can you imagine if the U.S. were to respond to a senseless tragedy by beginning an unpopular war on uninvolved nations based on unclear motives rooted in either a desire to end terrorism or a desire to end the U.S. not having Iraqi oil? The very idea of such a thing is mind boggling.
I have no issue with the idea of insisting the government should take action on the issue of gun control. I just don’t want it to happen within any reasonable period of time. This is America, land of the DMV, damn it, not Amazon Prime two day shipping.

On that note, please stop calling your congressman. This emotionally turbulent time following the attack on Pearl Harbor is already painful enough without dragging a new tragedy into the proceedings.